Do you need a wheel alignment?


If your car is starting to veer to one side on the road and your steering wheel is starting to stray away from centre then it looks like you are due for a wheel alignment. Most likely this has occurred due to a recent hitting of a pothole or a curb w...

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4WD Tyre pressures, what’s right for me?

Mobile Tyre Shop Tyres

Own a 4WD? This one’s for you! Tyre pressures in 4WD are incredibly important, even more so than that on a sedan or hatchback. Air pressure in tyres affects your 4WD in different ways, Mobile Tyre Shop will go through the differences and how to ...

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What are Intelligent Tyres?

Intelligent Tyres

Are Intelligent Tyres The Future? Experts say that the intelligent tyre market will grow from 0 units to 414 million within the next 8 years. But what are they? Intelligent tyres are a brand new concept that can actually tell you useful informa...

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6 Myths About Tyres [BUSTED]

tyre myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about tyres, perhaps we have been told by family members or a friend certain rules about tyres. Mobile Tyre Shop is here to help you out with the 6 most common myths and the truth or lies behind them. You donâ€...

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38% of Australian Tyres Need Replacing

38% of tyres on the road need replacing. According to an independent car insurer Youi, their report found that the majority of crashes on Australian roads tend to be rear end collisions, around 23%. 11% of which are directly reported as a loss of ...

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Mobile Tyre Shops 5 Tips For Driving In Wet Weather

Top 5 Tips For Driving In Wet Weather With wet weather to hit Australia’s east cost this week we thought it would be time to write about the risks involved of having low tread tyres in our wet weather conditions and some tips for the week coming...

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How To Get The Most Our Of Your Tyres


Planning to go on a road trip? Want to make sure your tyres will last the trip? Mobile Tyre Shop has compiled a list of the things to do to maintain your tyres and reduce the risk of tyre failure. Check your air pressure Air pressure is one of...

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Top 4 Reasons To Buy Premium Tyres

Mobile Tyre Shop Premium Tyres

People often see cheaper tyres as an easy fix to tyres that are coming to an end of their lifespan. However, in the long run premium tyres can actually turn out to be a cheaper alternative whilst increasing safety and performance. Here are the...

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Worn Tyres Could Put You In Danger

Worn Tyres Could Put You In Danger Worn tyres need to be replaced as they can put yourself and your car in danger. One of the most common causes for car crashes in Australia is a defective vehicle, most of which is due to tyres not meeting minimum...

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How To Find Out If You Have Counterfeit Tyres

How to find out if you have fake tyres  Selling fake tyres is unlike any other counterfeit industry. The distributors of fake tyres are putting innocent lives at risk and you should know what to look for when purchasing tyres to know your lif...

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